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A True Game Changer

The RefCam in Action

Take a look at the RefCam in action. Never before views of an NHL Allstar Hockey Game

About Helmet Cam Technology

The Helmet Cam and its related services were specifically designed to address the huge demands from the broadcast industry…read more here…

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About BRK Inc.

A True Game Changer
BRK Inc. is always looking forward...in technology, broadcasting, and camera innovation

BRK Inc (OTCBB:BRKK), established in 2008, is a cutting edge sports and entertainment marketing company. With the acquisition of the live-broadcast helmet camera patents, BRK is poised to enter sports marketing in a big way. The patents give BRK Inc. the exclusive right to integrate a camera into any type of helmet – meaning BRK now has an exclusive in the industry. The RefCam (the first product to utilize the BRK Helmet Camera Patent) enables broadcasters to provide a referee-eye view of action as its happening rather than through replay. All our components are manufactured and assembled in North America providing unbeatable quality and satisfying the demand for quality from our customers and their viewing clients.

  • Only Patented Integrated Helmet Camera

    Exclusive to wirelessly broadcast from the helmet

  • All Manufacturing and Assembly in North America

    Top Quality Camera and Workmanship

  • First Helmet Camera ever used in NHL

    Regularly Used in the 2017 NHL Season

  • First Helmet Cam used in World Cup of hockey

    Broadcast seen by Billions


Working towards Success
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Brian Keasberry founded BRK in 2008. He took the Company public, raised capital and has guided it through the myriad of regulations every public company must go through.
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